ABA Clinic and Home-based Services

BAI provides behavior-based interventions to all individuals with behavior programming needs. BAI relies on research-based, proven methods in developing programs for individuals to enhance their quality of life, independent living skills, communication, social, and academic skills. Behavior and educational service delivery will be intensive in nature and based on Applied Behavior Analysis principles designed around the individual’s needs. BAI is dedicated to the advancement of positive behavior support practices within the families and communities we serve to ensure our clients play an active role in society.

BAI serves the entire state of Indiana, with our centers being located in East Central Indiana. BAI provides intensive therapy, individualized academic instruction, and social skills training for children. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will develop an individualized treatment plan for each child receiving services through the clinic. Our therapy services are available to take place within the clinic setting, as well as in-home therapy services, depending on the needs of the child.

Clinic-Based ABA Therapy

The purpose of this service is to assess learner needs and then develop learner skills through the provision of direct instruction in a controlled one-on-one teaching environment several hours per week utilizing the methods of applied behavior analysis. In addition, this service affords the opportunity to train other instructors and parents through hands-on coaching in effective teaching methods that can be used across environments, e.g. at home, in school, in community settings, etc. A well-trained therapist in a well-equipped environment will deliver instruction, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst will supervise the instructors. Effective data recording methods will be utilized and instructional decisions will be guided by student performance data.

The purpose of this service is to provide the family and teaching staff with an assessment of the learner’s strengths and areas of need based upon direct observation and interaction with the learner. A full range of skill domains will be assessed, e.g. verbal behavior, self care, socialization, etc. will be assessed including those identified in the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment & Placement Program (VB-MAPP, Sundberg, 2008) Problem behaviors including self-injury or behavior that interferes with learning will receive priority attention during the assessment. The assessment will result in a determination of teaching methods to best facilitate the learner’s acquisition of skills. Through hands-on coaching, the learner’s staff will be trained to implement the most effective teaching procedures.

Our clinics are equipped with a media delivery and reinforcement system that allow each room to have access to an extensive all-age-range video library at each clients’ fingertips for reinforcers, as well as all traditional types of clinic-standard equipment that your child may need.

Home-Based ABA Therapy Services

The ABA program designed for the home setting addresses the special needs of children diagnosed with autism.  It consists of the highly specialized teaching techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Verbal Behavior, Discrete Trial and Natural Environment Teaching.  Typically this program provides consistent daily sessions of ABA special instruction along with other therapies if they are mandated on the IFSP.

An ABA coordinator/supervisor is assigned to oversee the child’s program and progress and coordinate with the in-home therapist. The coordinator works with each child directly for 2 hours or more each week, making it possible to accurately assess the child’s program needs and to develop the appropriate behavior/teaching strategies. The coordinator is available to teach the family behavioral strategies and methods of incorporating the approach into the daily routine if this is appropriate. It is also the coordinator’s responsibility to train and supervise the ABA teachers and coordinate the interdisciplinary team.  All home ABA services are under the direction and supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Services provided at home allow the child to engage in therapy that facilitates typical, age-appropriate activities in the child’s natural environment throughout the day.  The home setting provides a wonderful opportunity for the child to interact with family members in increasingly functional ways and is ideal for parents who have other youngsters at home.  It is also possible to have services provided at other parent- designated locations (for example, at a daycare center or babysitter’s home) as long as clinicians are able to work with the child individually in a familiar setting.

Teacher In-Service Training

BAI works with several school systems with trainings on schoolwide positive behavior support from tier one to tier three interventions, as well individual case review and support. The BAI staff is prepared to respond to the request for training packages that are tailored to the specific needs of a learner, parent, agency or school.

We specialize exclusively in the development of training curricula that utilize the application of the principles of applied behavior analysis and the evidence-based findings that support their effectiveness. We are capable of developing training programs across a wide range of learner needs, ages, and service delivery modes. You may contact the clinic discuss your particular needs.

Parent Training

Parent training is an important part of BAI services. Research has demonstrated that children with autism make the most progress when they receive “every waking hour” ABA services. When parents learn how to effectively utilize ABA techniques in their everyday lives, the child can make substantial progress. Our goal is to figure out what works for each unique child and family, in order to ensure that parents feel comfortable using these skills on their own.

In order to help parents to maintain consistency during hours outside of ABA sessions, BAI schedules parent training sessions for the families of all of our clients. Parents who can demonstrate proficiency in behavioral techniques can be an important part of helping their child to be successful.

BAI’s Clinical Services

BAI helps connect well-trained BCBAs to meet your clinic’s programming needs. We offer placement services and support strategies at your location. Please contact our office directly at (765) 282-8222 to discuss how we can support your clinic’s needs.