The Meaning of Accreditation

Behavior Associates of Indiana President, Belinda Hughes, BCBA, set out to build a team of passionate, caring, and highly skilled clinicians and staff to provide families living with autism the services her son needed and deserved. This year BAI reached out to the only ABA provider accreditation organization, Behavioral Health Center of Excellence® (BHCOE®) to conduct a thorough assessment and review to judge if BAI had reached this original goal.

BHCOE conducted a full review of laws and regulations, billing and organizational systems, clinical standards, reporting, client outcome information, staff turnover, and consumer satisfaction. The full accreditation consisted of a site visit, clinical observation, interviews, document review, survey of staff and consumers and systems analysis.

We are proud to announce that BAI achieved a three-year accreditation.

We are excited to share with you how this demonstrates we have met our goal and how BAI will continue to strive for excellence in our practice.

A three-year accreditation means that an outside agency has determined Behavior Associates of Indiana satisfies 96%-100% of the accreditation standards found at Behavior Associates of Indiana has demonstrated our policies and procedures are applied effectively for those we serve.

Belinda has experienced the concern, fear, and confusion of seeking ABA services. It is a big step of faith to entrust an organization to provide intensive services for your loved one. Information about how an organization functions and cares for its consumers is valuable when making this decision.

This 3-year recognition is an honor BAI will strive to maintain as we continue to enhance the lives of our clients and families for years to come.

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